We’re so glad you’re here!

We want to take as much apprehension and guess work out of your first time visit as possible.

  • What does everyone wear?

  • What are services like?

  • Where are we located?



Here’s a video to get to know us a little better…

well at least one thing about us.

Enjoy ;)

What To Wear?

At AOY one thing we especially love is the diversity of members we have. From difference in beliefs, politics, and style. We want you to be comfortable so come in whatever dress style you prefer.

All that we ask is you wear clothing that is modest.

Men and women alike, if it’s skin or body that ought nought be shown we ask that you don’t show it.

What are Services Like?

We typically play modern contemporary music but come from a deep southern style music background so occasionally we will break out the ‘ol blue book (what color was your song book growing up?) and sing some gospel. But no matter the week, we love to sing praise to our Heavenly Father with a loud joyful noise.

There will be some reading from Old Testament and New Testament scriptures along with special offering of a song from someone who wants to share.

Followed by a teaching/sermon from one of the men in the congregation.

We believe that services are a family event so we prefer to have our children in the sanctuary during services.

After Services?

After services we have a communal potluck meal where some of the best food in Eastland County gets served up every week.

If you are a new visitor please don’t worry about bringing anything to contribute.

Food Allergens?

We have a separate food for people with gluten free needs.

Afternoon activities?

Once a month we have an organized afternoon bible study but weekly you can stop at many tables and jump in on one.

There is also a gym, softball field, and children outdoor and indoor activity area.

There will be adults and children alike playing basketball, volleyball, softball, racquetball, and other activities throughout the day.

Where Are We Located?