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April 12 - 18, 2017

Feast of Unleavened Bread

Assembly of Yahweh

Commanded in Leviticus 23 immediately following Passover, the Feast of Unleavened Bread commemorates the time the Israelites came out of Egypt in great haste, and their bread was not given time to rise.  The New Testament shows us that leaven is a representation of sin, therefore this festival is a reminder to periodically examine our lives and remove the leaven (sin) from our lives.

Join us for daily services at 10:00 a.m., with plenty of spirit filled messages, and activities for the entire family to enjoy.

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June 4


Assembly of Yahweh

September 22

Feast of Trumpets

Assembly of Yahweh

October 1

Day of Atonement

Assembly of Yahweh

October 6 - 13

Feast of Tabernacles (Sukkot)

Assembly of Yahweh

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